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"CCC" means Cooperation Causes Competitiveness - the key for economic success for all kinds of enterprises who now, in a big European Single Market, have to cooperate to remain or become competitive. This concerns mainly Small and Medium Enterprises.

Whoever is in synergy with other, suitable organisations will finish in a bigger market, for exports, imports, services etc. To foster this by e.g. a better knowledge of export techniques, inter-cultural management and EU legal forms, the CCC project has been launched in the framework of the EU Life Long Learning Partnerships projects, during a kick-off meeting in the pittoresque university town of Tuebingen/Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

The CCC team - with a part of its meetings also on board of a punting boat on the Neckar river - determined the meetings, seminars and other measures during the project duration which will end in Summer 2015. The subjects will be oriented in the full use of the Single Market, in an own European cooperation culture, in the inter-cultural experience which may be known when doing European business, in the overview on European legal structures which are to help enhancing the results of businesses - on everything which brings companies together. The participants will also work on a self-text by computer, in order to enhance the individual cooperation capacity.

Project partners (see link) are:

  • Europe Direct Information Center/Regional Economic Development Agency - Stara Zagora, a dynamic info point from the centre of Bulgaria with a lot of project experience;
  • Europe Export Consult A/S - Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, an export consulting company with a long-year history in EU projects and the Danish Trade Board, Denmark;
  • Fundacion Universidad Empresa de le Region de Murcia/University of Murcia - Murcia/Spain, a seasoned project management unit combining the university and enterprises;
  • LIBERTAS - Europaeisches Institut GmbH - Rangendingen/Baden-Wuerttemberg, including the European EEIG Information Centre, for the first European cooperation-suited legal form;
  • EUROCOM srl. from Italy, a VET-experienced training institution (which could not send a representative to the kick-off meeting), offering all kinds of courses to young, adult, professions and companies.

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